The Learning Point partners with schools and communities by providing evidence-based programs and instructional strategies to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Our mission to close the gap between educational research and educational practice is carried out through our individualized programs for students, professional development for educators, and school-wide solutions for administrators.

We Use Research-Based Interventions + Strategies.

Each student who enrolls in our program will have their own unique learning program in which their mathematical needs are identified, targeted, and remediated. With The Learning Point you are not just purchasing a program, you are becoming a part of a network of educators who are committed to creating an individualized learning experience for each of your students.

We Teach Growth Mindset.

Our programming considers each student as an individual learner and emphasizes the importance of students understanding the ability their brain has to make new connections and think critically. This understanding motivates our learners and helps them to be more successful academically.

We Are Community Partners.

We know all students can do great things and thrive academically if given the right support and environment. The Learning Point loves to partner with schools like Foundation Collegiate Academy so that students who otherwise would be unable to receive individualized intervention have the opportunity to take advantage of the one-on-one support they need. Furthermore, our work with local college students helps to create a pipeline of interested and prepared teachers for ourschool partners.